DOUBLEPOW alkaline batteries are manufactured using patented Japanese technology and offer performance, quality and reliability for everyday electronic devices.

Using our own technology, these batteries have been equipped with excellent protection against leakage during storage and in case of maximum discharge.

The batteries are manufactured in Indonesia using Japanese technology.

Excellent performance, valita and performance tested.

DOUBLEPOW alkaline batteries last longer than some of the top manufacturers on the market.

Batteries are suitable for high performance devices with high power consumption as well as for devices with low power consumption.

Minimum shelf life: 10 years

The batteries have a patented 3-layer and an additional layer between the nickel and iron layers in the cathode of the battery. The result is a longer shelf life due to less self-discharge.

The pulse and negative pole of the batteries remain in permanent contact with the devices thanks to the unique processing of the positive and negative contact surfaces.

This protects against the formation of surface resistance of the poles, even when the batteries are stored for a long time at high temperatures of up to 71 °C and air humidity of up to 90%.

These batteries stand out for their excellent quality and excellent price. We offer batteries of all kinds. Alkaline and rechargeable types.

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